Health insurance Job seekers in Germany

What type of health insurance is the right one for Job seekers?

You have arrived in Germany and you are currently looking for a job? In this situation you could either decide for a public health insurance or a temporary private insurance. 

In order to be able to choose the public health insurance you would need to fulfill some conditions that the insurer (Krankenkasse) is looking for. One of those conditions is for instance, that you have had a public health insurance in your home country. Furthermore, you should not be in Germany too much time already. 

The public health insurance would cost about 200 EUR per month until you find a job. This job would need to either be part time or full time. While working in a Minijob, with a gross salary of up 450 EUR, your public health insurance would continue at some 200 EUR per month.

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How much does temporary health insurance cost?

Have you arrived in Germany and need temporary insurance? Are you actively looking for a job or are you a student of German? Are you taking language courses? 

Temporary private health Insurance for Job seekers

A real alternative to the public health insurance is a temporary private health insurance. This type of insurance you could have until you find a job with a salary of more than 520 EUR gross per month. With this insurance you could visit a generalist doctor when you feel sick or receive dental treatment when you have tooth pain. Additionally, it covers surgery and treatment after an accident. Costs of this insurance range from 35 EUR of up to 105 EUR per month, depending on your age and the tariff you choose.
This insurance fulfills also the conditions for visa application.

At Bramex we carry out the management process with the insurer for free.

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If you come to Germany and first attend a German course in Germany and/or you are looking for a job, you have the option to take out affordable health insurance.o médico económico.

This insurance offers you the full benefits of insurance, such as a visit to a family doctor, treatment with a specialist and hospitalization. In addition, this health insurance also includes dental services, such as the removal of cavities and other treatments necessary for the relief of dental pain.

Yes, it is possible. But, nevertheless, you may not need any treatment for a serious illness. In the event that this were the case, this insurance would not be accepted and you would have to take out voluntary public insurance. If this is not possible due to the costs involved, we can process this temporary health insurance until you define your situation.
Please note that this insurance does not cover illnesses already existing at the time of contracting the insurance. The insurance just covers you for illnesses that occur after contracting the insurance.
If you already need treatment/medication for a chronic disease or illness, you would have to take out VOLUNTARY PUBLIC INSURANCE. Currently we do not process this insurance, but we help you by offering you information on how you should proceed.

This essentially depends on your age. There are also different rates, for example a basic rate and a premium rate with different insurance coverage.

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Health insurance is temporary. You can contract it up to a maximum of 5 years . You can determine the duration of the insurance (start and end) yourself. If you are currently looking for a job, this insurance will end as soon as you start working and switch to public employee health insurance.

We always recommend this insurance during the time you are stabilizing your situation in Germany. As soon as you find a job, we manage a change to public insurance for employees, at no extra cost to you.

Once you find a job that is more than a minijob , we can carry out the search for the most suitable Krankenkasse in your case and the paperwork to cancel your temporary private insurance free of charge. In this way, you will not have any problem in the change of insurance.

This type of temporary insurance does not have a problem when it comes to switching to public health insurance for employees.

Insurers in this case do not admit people who need treatment for a chronic illness or for serious or long-term illnesses.

In addition, we recommend our clients not to make medical consultations during the first month.

We warn our clients that this type of insurance is recommended while taking a German course and/or actively seeking employment.


There must not be an illness prior to the conclusion of the contract. There is insurance coverage if illnesses occur after the start of the contract.

  • There is no closed list of doctors. You can make an appointment with the doctor that suits you.
  • You do not have a health card, but once you have contracted the insurance, we will send you information by email about the information and documentation that you have to present to the doctor.

Insurance can be canceled before actual expiration for three reasons:

  • You start working as a salaried employee and earn more than 520 euros gross per month.
  • You return before the end of the contract to your country of origin.
  • You get married and switch to your spouse’s health insurance (compulsory insurance).

From this moment on, you do not have to pay more contributions to this insurance, nor are there cancellation fees.