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Wo we are and what we do

We are a consultancy specializing in health insurance. We focus on insurance management for foreigners. We do not issue our own insurance, we are the intermediaries between the insurance companies and you.

Specialists in health insurance in Germany

We help you find the insurer and take care of your health insurance in Germany and/or the savings plans that suit your needs. We work with 95% of German insurance companies to always offer you the best quality/price ratio adapted to your personal circumstances.

We advise you to make the best decisions from the beginning. No language barriers and no additional costs.

How We Work


1 . Free advice and personalized. We do not increase the final price of the insurance.​

2 . You will pay exactly the cost of the insurance company you hire. 100% Guaranteed.

3 . We speak your language. You will not have to worry about the German bureaucracy.

4 . We find offers and benefits that benefit you the most. You will save money and time.

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