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If you work as a Freelancer, the health insurance that is specifically tailored to your needs is private health insurance.

If your monthly income is above 5.000 EUR, you can save up to 450 EUR with a private health insurance compared to the statutory health insurance.

This is because in this insurance you only pay for what is important to you and what you really need.


Seguro médico para freelancer en Alemania


High medical and drug coverage.

Seguro de salud para freelancer en Alemania


Quick appointment with doctors and specialists.

Seguro medico para freelancer en Alemania


The cost of the insurance does not vary depending on your income, so if it increases, the monthly cost of your insurance will not increase.

Seguro de salud para freelancer en Alemania


Insured income for illness or recovery from day 43.

Do you take something to be happy?
Yes, Decisions.

A Private Health Insurance offers you as an insured a broader range of benefits, for a generally lower premium, with the possibility of modifying the monthly premium by extending or canceling specific benefits.

We will advise you PERSONALLY and provide offers from different private insurance companies.

In addition, Bramex processes the insurance documents for you free of charge.

Freelancer health insurance coverage


Seguro médico privado en Alemania
  • Appointment with general practitioners and specialists within a few days.

  • Refund of alternative treatment methods.

  • Second specialist opinion in case of serious illness.

  • Refund of costs for glasses / contact lenses or eye surgery. (Depending on the tariff you choose.)

  • Expenses for medication are covered.

  • Treatment in private clinics. Bramex offers the option of making a doctor’s appointment for you.

  • Bramex provides you with a list of English speaking doctors and specialists.


coberturas seguro salud freelancer Alemania
  • 100% coverage for dental treatments.
  • Cleaning and preventive dental treatment.
  • Refund of up to 6 implants per jaw.
  • Up to 90% refund for dentures and dental inlays. 


hospitales seguro médico freelancer Alemania


  • 100% coverage for services provided by a department head physician.
  • Hospitalization in a single or double room (maximum 2 beds)


  • Legal advice in case of suspicion of medical negligence


Gestionar seguro enfermedad freelancer Alemania
  • In case of prolonged illness, you have the possibility to use daily sickness allowance, to ensure your income

It depends on various factors and it is necessary to study each case individually. At Bramex we can advise you for free to choose the right health insurance. Complete our form below, we will analyze it and then we will contact you to comment on the results.

It is necessary to verify each case individually. A private insurance is usually cheaper if you have a monthly income above 2,500 euros.

At Bramex we can make a comparison to find out which insurance is most beneficial to you. You just have to complete the form that you will find below and we will contact you to offer you the different offers and possibilities that you have.

Yes, it is possible. But whether the change of company can take place depends on several factors. For example, how long you have been insured with the current insurance company or if you have agreed on special rates with your health company.

If you are ill for a long period of time and as a freelancer you no longer generate sales, the health insurance company pays you a monthly amount to make up for lost sales. The amount of money depends on what you have previously agreed with the health insurance company.

Yes, there are differences. In principle, private health insurance covers more than public health insurance. Private health insurance companies have significantly higher profits in the dental sector and have the option of using the latest technology in the treatment of serious diseases and therapies. Public health insurance companies do not always have the same options, as they are more regulated.

At Bramex we carry out the management process with the insurer for free.

You can find more information and answer questions about this health insurance here below in our FAQ.

If you want more information, you just have to fill in the form and we will send you the different offers available by email.

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