Switching health
in germany

Every insured person has the opportunity for switching health insurance after a certain period of time.

We explain the reasons for the change, the characteristics of this insurance, when you have the right to change insurance and the steps to do so.

We take care of the management of your insurance change. Free of charge, saving you paperwork, without small print and in your language.

Reasons for Switching Health Insurance

Price increase

Your health insurance company has raised the prices.

Higher costs

Your health insurance company is more expensive than other insurers. Your health insurance company has raised the prices.


You are not satisfied with the service provided by the health insurance company.

Additional services

You would like to have certain additional services that your current health insurance company does not offer you.

There are certain times when a Krankenkasse change is possible.



You change your job and start working at another company. In this case, at the time of the change, you have the option to choose another health insurance provider without prior notice.



You have been insured with the health insurance company for more than 12 months and during that period you have not changed your insurance company. Now you can change your health insurance with a 2-month notice period.

Your current health insurance company has announced to you in a letter that it increases the rate. Then you also have the option to exchange your Krankenkasse for another, respecting the 2-month notification period.

Yes, there are price differences. Each health insurance company can establish an individual contribution rate, which the insured pays monthly.

The cost of your health insurance depends on your salary since it is a certain percentage of your salary. Depending on the insurer you choose, this percentage will vary. That is why we recommend making a comparison between insurers.

Fill out the form on our website and we will send you the offers from the health insurance companies.

It is necessary to see the case individually. Although, basically, you can change after 12 months. In this way, if you have been in the same health insurance for at least 12 months, you can switch.

However, there are also special situations where a change is possible before the end of the 12 months.

If you have changed employers in the last 12 months and you are not going to change any more at the moment, you must wait until you have been with your current employer again for 12 months to change health insurance.

At Bramex we verify free of charge if this change is possible and we help you with all the processing of the change of health insurance. You just have to fill in the form and we will send you the information.

Each health insurance company offers the insured the basic benefits stipulated by the state. In addition, each health insurance company has the option of offering additional services. Therefore, it is worth comparing and possibly switching to another insurer.

Yes, it is possible to change health insurance during treatment. The new health insurance covers treatment costs incurred from the time the insurance begins.

However, before switching, we recommend checking to see if the new health insurance company offers the exact same service. If you fill in the form on our website, you can write in the comment field what benefits you are currently receiving due to your illness, then we can tell you if this also covers the same in the new health insurance company. There are services that a health insurance company subsidizes with 30 euros and another with 40 euros. The differences are usually very small. In most cases, the benefits are 100% the same.

In this case, you automatically remain a member of the previous health insurance company.

Yes, you can change regardless of your professional status (salaried, unemployed with unemployment benefits, looking for work, retired). The prerequisite is to have been with the current health insurance company for at least 12 months. The notice period is 2 months.

Yes, in this case, you can switch to your spouse’s public health insurance and be co-insured there for free until you accept a job where you receive a gross pay of more than 450 EUR per month.

Yes, this is possible if you have been insured with current health insurance for 12 months. A notice period must be observed.

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You can find more information and answer questions about this health insurancein our FAQ.

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