Health insurance
in Germany

Are you going to start your doctoral thesis in Germany?


So, it is essential that you have health insurance. The fee will depend on whether you receive a monthly salary or a one-time payment for a doctoral thesis from an institute in Germany or from the university.


If you receive a salary, you need employee rate insurance.

We take care of the details. You only have to worry about your thesis.


If you do not receive any financial remuneration for the doctoral thesis, the volunteer fee or the student fee may be correct.

It is important to choose the health insurance that corresponds to us in Germany. Depending on our choice, we can save money and we will have high health coverage.

At the German university or institute where you do your thesis, you will be asked for health insurance. We take care to see which one is the best for you in your case. Let yourself be advised by experts in health insurance in Germany

The health insurance that must be purchased depends on certain factors. If you receive a monthly salary from the university, a foundation or another institution. It also depends on how much this monthly salary is.

If you receive a single amount instead of a monthly salary, you must calculate it during the number of months of the doctoral thesis. Once you have calculated this value, you can use it as the basis for the calculation.

You can enter the monthly salary on our page and we will send you the information.


You can complete your data in the form (I need more information). We will send you the appropriate insurance for your situation. If you choose a health insurance company later, we will arrange the certificate for you.

This mainly depends on whether you receive a monthly salary for the time of the doctoral thesis. If you receive a salary, you will be insured at the normal rate.

Can I be insured as a doctoral student at the student rate?

es, you can change health insurance if you have been insured with current health insurance for at least 12 months.

This depends on several factors. Public health insurance is generally adequate, but private health insurance is also possible under certain conditions. If you receive monthly salaries or a one-time payment for your research work, public health insurance is required. Private health insurance is possible under certain conditions. We can advise you for free. Please complete the form and we will contact you to give you solutions.

This depends on whether you stay in Germany or return to your home country. If you stay in Germany, your health insurance will still be valid. In this case, it may be necessary to change the fee because you would no longer be a PhD student. If you leave Germany after completing your doctoral thesis, the insurance will be canceled. To do this, you have to send the cancellation of the registration that you receive from the town hall to the health insurance company with which you have the contract. After this process, the insurance would be canceled.

This depends on whether you receive a monthly salary or a one-time payment from the university or an institution for your doctoral thesis or if you do not receive any financial remuneration. We can send you an exact health insurance cost statement. Please complete the form (I need more information), and we will send you information and offers from the health insurance companies that best suit your profile.

At Bramex we carry out the management process with the insurer for free.


You can find more information and answer questions about this health insurance in our FAQ.


If you want to take out the insurance, you just have to fill in the form and we will send you the insurance contract by email.

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