Car Insurance

The car insurance (Kfz-Versicherung) in Germany is mandatory. Any kind of insurance agreement implemented out of Germany is not valid.


Bramex helps you with the calculation of the fee, compares insurances and processes all the required documents in order to get the Grüne Karte



 Below, we present more relevant information when calculating the insurance fee and taking the legal aspects into account. 

Liability Insurance 

If you own a vehicle, you are legally obliged to take a liability car insurance for your vehicle (Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung). This insurance coverages any damage that your vehicle could cause to third parties.

The amounts covered are legally established, those are at least 7.5 million Euros for personal injury, 1.12 million Euros for material damage and 50,000 Euros for property damage.


Collision Damage Insurance

This insurance covers the damage that your vehicle could suffer. Here, we have to differenciate between comprehensive damage insurance (Vollkaskoversicherung) and partial damage insurance (Teilkaskoversicherung)


The comprehensive damage insurance covers all kinds of damage that your vehicle suffered by personal negligence.


In order to keep the insurance fee as low as possible, a deductible to the sum of EUR 150 per damage case can be arranged in the insurance agreement.



Each insurance company uses different factors for calculating premiums. These factors are indicated in the insurance offer of the corresponding insurer. The factors that are most commonly used are:

1. Claims File (Schadenfreiheitsklasse, SFR) 

The determination of the premium amount among other things is based on your no-claims category.
The no-claims category shows how many years you have been driving without an accident or insured loss. If you can claim a high no-claims category, this means you have been accident-free for years which will have a favourable effect on the level of the premium amount.
The no-claims category is only effective for comprehensive collision damage insurance and not for partial collision damage insurance. 

2. Vehicle Model

Your insurer will calculate a specific premium amount depending on your vehicle model. The insurance companies consider numerous factors in the calculation of the premium such as engine capacity, brand and the specific model. We, therefore recommend you to request insurance offers prior to purchasing a motor vehicle. 

3. Annual Mileage

If you use your motor vehicle a lot, a higher insurance premium will be due than if you travel only a few thousand kilometres a year.
Each insurance company also uses further factors for the calculation of the premium. You will find these listed in the insurance range of the individual companies.


Road Assistance Insurance(Schutzbrief) 

The roadside assistance package is a useful extension for your motor vehicle insurance. It covers three different risks: Vehicle breakdown, accident and theft.


If your vehicle breaks down and you can’t continue your journey, the roadside assistance package provides you with the following services:

In the event of theft, you will be provided with a rental car for your return journey. If the stolen vehicle is retrieved, its return transport to your home and the costs incurring for this will be covered.



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